She is creative, professional and has a spectacular eye for details that melt your heart.
— Keera M-H

Hello, lovely!

My name is Alice, pronounced: Ah-li-ché (throw your hands in the air to get the full Italian flair when you say it). I’m a big time chocolate lover, an avid home cook, and the proud mama of two wild monkeys in Olympia, Washington.

My storytelling photography style is perfect for creating timeless albums and displaying a collection of images on your wall.

I truly believe that right now is an incredible time in your life - whatever stage of familyhood you are in. By nature, families and children are wild, sweet, chaotic, energetic and exhausting, all at the same time. My photography style embraces all of these characteristics with open arms, and my goal is to make you laugh and cry (happy tears) when you see the final photos.


Sweet, tender, heart-melting.

documenting connection.

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at home and outdoors

Newborns and babies
in the home


She’s our forever photographer now! Alice is exceptionally talented and just as warm and friendly. My children even commented on how kind Alice was during the photo session at our home.
— Melissa B

Print your memories. 


Why printing matters

I truly believe that printing your photos is just as important as documenting these moments in your life. In my own home, having these memories printed and framed on the wall, on my desk, and in albums gives me daily reminders of how much joy surrounds my family. Your kids will grow up loving the framed collections on your walls and every time you get out your family albums will be a special occasion for all of you. It’s not the same to store your photos on your computer, with the hope of maybe one day making an album or doing something with them (which you probably won’t end up doing because, let’s face it, you’re a busy parent)! By letting me do the work, you can focus on the fun part: cherishing your favorite photos tangibly.


Telling your story

Exactly as it is.


Why lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is a mix between lightly posed and documentary photography. This natural style allows me to photograph families in a storytelling way, focusing on documenting and embracing all of the beauty, humor, chaos, and love that surrounds them. Sessions are held in the home or in your favorite outdoor location. At each session, I bring my upbeat, fun, and playful personality to make everyone feel happy, relaxed, and confident in front of my camera.   


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