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We love her work and her vibe! A session with Alice Malia Photography is relaxed, fun, and the results are incredible. We are so fortunate to have her photograph our family! She captures the natural joy and personalities of our kids!
— Amy N



Family Photography

When should you do family photos?

Answer: right now. Having two little ones of my own, I come straight from the trenches of life with kids, and I understand the joys and the challenges that come with these amazing little beings. The house always feels too messy, your schedule gets overbooked, it always seems to be someone’s nap time (even though you’re the one who really needs the nap), and you decide that maybe in a month or so you’ll have some time to go shopping for outfits when your house guests leave (because let’s face it, the grandparents want to see their grand-babies as much as possible). Then the month passes and you’re right back where you started. I’m here to tell you that your home and your family are ready for family photos just as you all are right now. No matter what season it is, if it’s sunny or if there’s rain pouring down outside, if we’re indoors or outside, if your kid just jumped into a mud puddle right before I arrived (covering himself and the dog in mud splatters), or if your three year old refuses to smile, I capture it all with zero judgement and a sense of humor. Everyone will tell you how fast this time goes, but I am here to say, let’s focus on being here now and document these moments just as they are! You will never regret capturing this amazing season of your family’s life.




The Experience

What to expect

My hope is that a session with me makes you feel like a friend is visiting your family. My photography style focuses on capturing the most frame-able and album worthy images that tell your story, while also making sure your family feels comfortable and natural in front of my camera. When I see an amazing window, I’ll suggest that we play in front of it. When there’s something distracting on the wall, I move it. If there’s a coffee table that’s in the way of a perfectly lit floor to play on, I move the table out of the way.

With your family, I play and laugh with your kids, and if they feel grumpy and want to pout or meltdown right there on the living room floor, I listen to their woes. Instead of forcing smiles, I might start a pillow fight or tell dad to get his rough housing game on. I also never want my clients to stress out about their homes before a session either, because the whole point is to document the beauty of the now - even if that means there’s a huge pile of legos that you just couldn’t clean up in time. When you look back at the images when your kids are all grown up, you’ll feel a pang of nostalgia for the wonderful times that pile of legos gave your family.

The location

I offer sessions in the home and outdoors because that’s where our best times happen. For some families, staying home when the PNW rain is just pouring down is the best way to capture their daily life, playing board games, baking, or snuggling together on the couch. For other families, rain or shine, they crave the outdoors, and we document them enjoying each other’s company out in the many incredible backdrops in and around Olympia - between the mountains, the forests, the parks, and the beaches, you really can’t go wrong here.