About Alice

Hi!  I’m Alice Malia, pronounced A-li-chay (it's Italian, and if you throw your hands in the air it's easier to pronounce - like "felice!" or "ceviché!").  You already know that I'm a lifestyle portrait photographer based in Olympia and that I'm really friendly and fun to work with, so here are some extra facts to get you even more excited and ready to work with me:


The fun facts

  • I'm the mom of two wild little boys who are my everything, along with my super wonderful husband who is my rock.

  • I believe that good food, great company, and fancy chocolate is what a happy life is made of.

  • Sunshine, fresh flowers, and baby giggles will always put a smile on my face.

  • I love to travel, so I'll often offer tips of where to go and (most importantly) what to eat.


Why I love what I do

Simply put: I'm a family-oriented person.  I love hanging out with my family and every little moment we spend together reading books, playing, drawing, or just snuggling is a moment I would love to have captured for me to look back on.  Photographing families is my way of giving that gift to others.  No matter how old the kids are, it lights me up to capture the tiny details that make them who they are. Every unique expression is a part of that person, and the same goes for the parents, which is why I like to include everyone in the photo collections – not just the kids.  In 10, 15, or even 30 years, those kids will look back as adults and remember their parent's expressions, just like the parents will say “I remember that face you made when you were three.”  I love family photography because it's something I value with my own family.

My Journey

Over the last 13 years, my style and focus has developed and evolved, and now that I have a young family of my own, what inspires me most is the love and connections between families and children.  After shooting runway shows in Paris, I moved to Seattle, where a love of portrait photography brought me to focus on weddings and engagements. Then my life changed forever when I had my own babies. The incredible joy I felt from documenting my own family propelled me into the magical world of newborn and family photography. Now, I truly see my work as a gift of everlasting memories that I can give to each family that I work with.

Alice Malia Family Photographer in Olympia

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Here I am back in 2015 photographing the most Seattle-y wedding ever (I mean, come on now, there’s even a ferry)!

Here I am back in 2015 photographing the most Seattle-y wedding ever (I mean, come on now, there’s even a ferry)!

Photo Editing

Since 2012 I have also worked as a professional photo editor and retoucher, primarily for Nordstrom.  I have also worked for large clients such as Microsoft and DocuSign, as well as for small companies and start ups.  I am currently available for photo editing and retouching assignments, and for more information about these services, please click here for my photo editing portfolio and contact me for gallery access.