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Newborn & Baby photography Through the First Year

In an instant, your life has changed forever. From the day they are born through their first year, so many incredible changes happen to you and your baby. While the little ones grow and develop, reaching amazing new milestones, your own heart opens up to love in ways you never knew was possible. Sure, you’re sleep deprived, your hair is a mess, you shower only when you can, and yet somehow you’re the happiest and most radiant you’ve ever been with your sweet baby in your arms. That overwhelming feeling of love that brings on all the happy tears is exactly what I want to capture for you.

Her editorial style is gorgeous. She captured what it’s really like to bring a second baby home. The chaos, the moments of peace, the exhaustion, the joy. I look forward to these photos hanging on our walls for years to come.
— Sara M



The Sessions

My newborn photography sessions, from birth through the first year, are the sweetest sessions ever. Home is where everyone in the family feels the most comfortable and can easily follow the natural rhythms of life with a new baby (something along the lines of eat, sleep, play, poop, repeat). That’s why I come to you. I love to include the whole family, whatever that looks like for you (parents, siblings, pets). While I do offer simple posing suggestions, I always go with the flow based on your family’s needs (in other words, if you have a wild and crazy siblings running around the house, I welcome them to be their chaotic little selves). My photography style celebrates both the sweetness and the intensity of that first year of your baby’s life so that you can look back on the photos with happy tears, laughter, and a full heart. I document the details that you love more than anything - the long eyelashes and big round, rosie cheeks, the little hands with those tiny, perfect fingernails, and the chubby knees and thigh rolls. I live for the toothless grins and embrace the grumpy, quivering lower lip of a tired baby that each parent knows so well.


There are four session timelines that I offer within the first year:

  • Fresh 48•This can be held in the hospital or at home, and takes place within the first 48 hours of your precious baby’s life.

  • The First 10 days - 1 month•For those who need a moment to adjust after birth, but still want to capture baby as a teeny tiny infant.

  • 6 Months•They’ll be sitting up right around now, smiling, giggling, and so much more!

  • 1 Year•Your little baby is getting so big and might even be walking already (possibly heading for a big ‘ole birthday cake to smash)!




As your baby gets older and when they’re all grown up, you’ll never regret having beautiful, professional photos taken of their magical first year.  



This is for all of you 

Why parents need to be in the photos

At nearly every session, I hear mamas put themselves down for one reason or another. You might look in the mirror with judgmental eyes, wondering when you’ll lose the baby weight, not liking your 3 days of unbrushed hair, seeing a splat of spit up on your shoulder that you didn’t notice before. You might feel all around gross about your appearance. But here are the two things you need to know:

  1. Once you see the photos, you will see images of love between your family and your baby, and that will be the focus - not your postpartum insecurities (which I promise are only temporary).

  2. Your baby loves you and thinks you’re perfect, just as you are right now, no matter what.

Your baby will grow up some day (hold the tears, mama!), but it’s true, and when they do, the photos they will love the most aren’t just the close ups of their tiny selves, but the photos of YOU with them. They want to see their dad’s giant hands holding their tiny head. They want to see their mom’s expression of pure love as she stares into their eyes. Their own eyes will well up with tears as they look back at the connection you’ve all had since the day they were born. So don’t worry about your body; you’re beautiful. Don’t worry about the messy house; it’s supposed to be that way - you have a new baby after all! You need to be in these photos because that is your gift to your baby.